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Africanized Beehive

Africanized Bee Removal has more than tripled in the last decade in the Phoenix Metro Area. Africanized honey bees have adapted very well to the Arizona Desert and often build hives on and around residential areas all over Phoenix, rural and urban areas. Most Africanized honey bees are a lot more aggressive than European honey bees but that doesn't mean you should be charged more to have them taking care of. The main objective when treating or removing Africanized bees is getting the job done safely without anyone getting hurt.

This is why we are trying to get the message out that you do not have to pay hundreds or even thousands to get Africanized bees removed. We charge the same flat rate regardless of what type of bees you have. Don't fall for the scare tactics and don't think that an Africanized bee colony that has just arrived is looking to hurt someone. The same rules apply for both Africanized and European honey bees, stay away and call a professional beekeeper and get some advice. If you have a hive and are not sure how long they have been there this is where it becomes a bit more dangerous. 


Stay away from the bees!!! Keep kids, pets, landscapers, maintenance men and anyone else away from the bees certain smells or sounds can send the bees into a defensive mode and Africanized bees will attack in large numbers.


Do not panic and make an appointment with the first place you call shop around, make sure the company you are dealing knows what they are doing. bee removal is dangerous work and there are a lot of unnecessary attacks every year due to negligence and plain ignorance. Don't hire a pest control company to do a beekeepers job it will cost you in the end and end up getting somebody hurt.

If bees are not treated properly by an experienced beekeeper they can be driven deeper into the home or even end up inside the house. We have cleaned up a large number of mistreated bee colonies over the years and are never surprised by what we see people do.

When hiking trails around the Phoenix area like Camelback Mountain, be sure to keep an open eye for large numbers of bees congregating in one spot this will usually mean there is a hive or swarm nearby. We have several Africanized bee attacks every year on trails and mountains in and around the Phoenix area. 

$80 Bee Removal

$120 Flat Rate Bee Removal

The flat rate covers us coming out and getting rid of any single bee colony on your property to prevent further damage and also prevent the bees from growing in numbers and potentially having an unintentional bee attack.

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Africanized Bee Control

Africanized Bee Removal

Africanized Bee Removal has more than tripled in the last decade in the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal

We offer all stages of honeycomb extraction from demo of the infested area to all the honeycomb clean out and pheromone masking and the repair and sealing.

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Swarm Info

Swarm Information

A bee swarm in a tree or bush will normally leave within 72 hours, sometimes in as little as a couple of hours.

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