Phoenix Bee Removal

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Honeycomb cutout and repairs are a separate process than our flat rate bee removal or bee control service.

The flat rate service covers us coming out and getting rid of any single bee colony on your property to prevent further damage and also prevent the bees from growing in numbers and potentially having an unintentional bee attack.

We will then assess the situation and if honeycomb removal is necessary and we will give you a free quote on what it would cost to have the removal done. Our Full Hive Removal and Repairs are way below all of our competitor's prices as well. Having the honeycomb removed is up to you, getting the bees out of there and stopping any more damage or any potential attacks is our top priority. Getting rid of the bee problem as soon as possible is very important they can build up to 2 lbs a day once they have become well established.

Some might say "you get what you pay for" and we couldn't agree more, what you get is an affordable Professional Beekeeper Service who's main concern is keeping you and your family, customers, neighbors or tenants safe. After all, you are just having some bees removed not building an addition or remodeling your home.

Phoenix Bee Removal gives a 30-day guarantee with any bee control or swarm removal and we give a 3-year guarantee on every honeycomb cutout we do.

We urge you to call around and check prices and also check the knowledge of the person you are going to hire to come out and remove bees for you. Be careful of the "Tom Foolery" there are A lot of scams out there when it comes to bee removal and beekeeping services a lot of people are getting taken advantage of in emergency situations by companies who aren't even located in Phoenix or Arizona.

We are so sure and confident in our work and our extensive experience as beekeepers and dealing with bees that we recommend you shop around. To some of you, our prices may give a bad impression and it might make you think that we cannot be that good for that low of a price we wouldn't last a month if this was the case. The techniques we use for bee removal and the experience we have dealing with bee problems saves us a lot of time and money plus we are owner operated. The bottom line is when it comes to bee removal there are a lot of shady characters out there looking to profit off of your emergency situation so be very careful when making your decision to have your bee problem solved. Make sure you are dealing with a professional beekeeper who will not make your misfortune of having bees an even worse one by costing you an arm and a leg just for taking care of your bee problem.

Don't fall for the scare tactics of telling you ALL the bees in Arizona and Phoenix are Africanized and they will get into your home or car, this is absolute hokum and the bees are not out to get you as long as you keep your distance. While ALL feral bees should be considered Africanized as Arizona does indeed have a huge population of Africanized bees as well as hybrid mixes. Not all of the bees in the valley are aggressive Africanized bees and the media hype and TV make it a lot worse than it really is. Once a bee colony establishes themselves Africanized or not that is when they become protective of their hive and can become a danger. If the bees around your home stung someone it does NOT mean they are Africanized it just means they found that person or animal to be a threat. If someone does get stung then you need to take immediate action and have them professionally removed by a beekeeper before the problem gets any further out of hand Africanized or not. It doesn't take long for a small Bee problem to become a major Bee emergency.

Flat Rate Bee Removal, how can we be so much less than all the other companies in Phoenix or Arizona for that matter? Easy, Phoenix Bees is a family owned and operated Bee Removal Company which means low overhead we do all of our own work from start to finish, also a lot of our work is under contract with cities, schools, and government agencies. So we pass all the savings on to you and we know the job will get done right since we do all the work ourselves. We have no goofy sales pitches, strong sales tactics, no coupons instead we offer flat rate bee removal service. We will tell you like it is and give you our honest professional advice on what needs to be done. We are not commission based like most local Bee Removal and Pest Control Companies. We are honest, reliable and good at what we do and take great pride in all of our work.

$80 Bee Removal

$120 Flat Rate Bee Removal

The flat rate covers us coming out and getting rid of any single bee colony on your property to prevent further damage and also prevent the bees from growing in numbers and potentially having an unintentional bee attack.

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Africanized Bee Control

Africanized Bee Removal

Africanized Bee Removal has more than tripled in the last decade in the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal

We offer all stages of honeycomb extraction from demo of the infested area to all the honeycomb clean out and pheromone masking and the repair and sealing.

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Swarm Info

Swarm Information

A bee swarm in a tree or bush will normally leave within 72 hours, sometimes in as little as a couple of hours.

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